The Mississippi Valley Hunters and Fishermen's Association (MVHFA) has been the primary advocate for sportsmen in the Tri-State area for over 100 years. Located in Quincy, IL. our 1000 members from IL. MO. and IA. are dedicated to serving the area hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts, by monitoring legislation and regulations, season dates, political issues, and promoting proper wildlife management in the area.

Our Mission

To foster an environment where youth are interested in the outdoors. We strive to encourage an ethical and morally strong outdoorsmen to spread their passion to today's youth. While helping the youth we recognize our freedom is bought by those who serve. We attempt to pay back a small portion of their service by creating amazing hunting and fishing opportunities.  


I do not hunt for the joy of killing but for the joy of living, and the inexpressible pleasure of mingling my life however briefly, with that of a wild creature that I respect, admire and value.
— Aldo Leopold

What We've Achieved

  • Help hundreds of wounded United States services members experience one of a kind hunts.

  • Supporting youth shooting programs including the Boy Scouts and Quincy Rifle team

  • The largest program in the state of building waterfowl and bird nesting structures

  • Support for youth outdoor skills camp

  • Supporting youth hunting programs for deer and waterfowl

  • Help defend outdoorsmen's rights from state legislators.

  • Supporting and developing area parks and public hunting areas.

  • Management of the Lymenstull Wildlife Refuge

  • Support/sponsorship/partnership with other outdoor or natural resource protection organizations

  • Programs for handicap hunters and fishermen by obtaining handicap access equipment such as all terrain wheelchairs, fishing piers/docks and hunting blinds